Paolo Giorgi

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February 13, 2021: a long and beautiful article about N&Y has
been written by
Ilaria Guidantoni and published on the BeBeez

February 6, 2021: a beautiful article about Listen has been
published on the
Magna Carta official website.
Chris Simpson writes about the song and the collaboration with

January 2021: Paolo is on the way to publish the tribute to the
beloved english band
Magna Carta. It will be a set of 12 songs
spanning through decades of MC music, with the inclusion of a
previously unreleased version of Listen (the song Paolo co-wrote
Mr Chris Simpson) sung in duet by Chris and Paolo.

November 2020: Bolle di sapone, the first book written by Paolo,
is available on It is Paolo's first novel, so
far in Italian, but soon also translated in english.

Foto bolle-rid
The cover of Paolo's first novel

October 2020: New Magna Carta website
Check the new pages. Paolo is on the way to finish his tribute to
Magna Carta. It will be a set of 13 songs spanning through

N&Y Cover small
The latest Paolo's release Nowadays and Yesterdays for Il Popolo del Blues

Ready, steady, GO!!!!

If you want to listen to some Paolo's music from his CDs check Numberone music and Paolo's channel on Youtube

Bolle di sapone, the first Paolo's novel, has been published. Check
Ilmiolibro for more information.